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Marketing analytics platform CaliberMind launches ABM Converter

…analytics and attribution platform CaliberMind is out with a solution to help marketers add ABM to their existing tools –– such as a marketing automation platform or the popular Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system. Supports over a hundred platforms Called ABM Converter, it takes…

Marketo adds native ABM capabilities to its platform

…a separate product. Web ABM, he said, was limited to websites, although it offered some ad capabilities and was “the equivalent of [ABM targeting platform] Demandbase.” By contrast, he said, the new ABM native capabilities were built “from the ground up,” and Web ABM has now become its web channel.…

The coming battle between ABM and marketing automation tools

…that is only now emerging in ABM platforms, he said. Not a stable scenario One might think that the tools in the ABM category would have been swallowed up by the large marketing automation platforms. While some ABM additions have been made to platforms like Marketo and Salesforce, Berkowitz…

AdRoll launches ABM capabilities for personalized programmatic ad campaigns

…AdRoll ABM is designed to enable B2B marketers to target accounts with personalized programmatic advertising. Targeting is powered by advertisers’ own CRM data, as well as AdRoll IntentMap data for lookalike targeting. AdRoll ABM also integrates with marketing automation platforms like Marketo.…

Data sets and common sense: The cure for ABM overload

…a platform like Salesforce, Marketo or a DSP (demand side platform) or DMP (data management platform), and the original list becomes a much more refined target for a variety of sales and marketing efforts. ABM’s biggest impact is on the organization itself That’s how this new wave of data-driven ABM

Slow adoption shows marketers fear ABM when they shouldn’t

ABM initiatives are not only cost-effective, but they also drive results. Marketers who implement ABM see average annual contract values increase by more than 170 percent, and 27 percent report a shorter sales cycle, according to an ABM Leadership Alliance survey fielded by TOPO. The reason? ABM

The future of B2B marketing: ABM and AI

…started to see this happen, and it’s made possible by two important things: Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and artificial intelligence (AI). ABM and the return to customer-centricity I’ve written about ABM before, usually in the context of why it’s good for marketers. It helps them be more efficient,…

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