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Ad Fraud

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Can blockchain technology help solve ad fraud? MetaX believes so.

…latest ventures to bring blockchain technology to digital advertising. The company’s solution, launched in private beta this week, takes aim at ad fraud with a new blockchain-based solution. “Innovation in digital advertising is growing faster than our standard industry protocols can support. This…

Methbot: The beginning of the end for digital ad fraud

…single most profitable ad fraud operation to strike digital advertising to date.” Sophisticated measures used by the fraudsters to avoid detection include manipulation of geolocation data, countermeasures against code used by specific ad tech providers to filter out fraud, and exceptional bot…

Ad fraud allegations continue to besiege Newsweek Media Group

The fallout from reports of ad fraud continues for Newsweek Media Group as ad tech vendors say they have stopped selling NMG inventory through their exchanges and networks. AppNexus and SpotX told The Wall Street Journal they have ended their relationships to sell ads on NMG properties. Third-party…

Mobile app ad fraud scheme stuffed banner ads with multiple video players

ads as premium inventory. A mobile app ad fraud scheme involving banner ads being resold as premium video ad inventory on Android devices has turned up. How the scheme worked. Using a sophisticated process, the bad actors purchased banner impressions and resold them as premium in-stream video ad

The Trade Desk & White Ops team up on digital ad fraud

…approach to fraud detection in programmatic ad buying. The companies say this is the first time a third party has been deployed to monitor and prevent bids on 100 percent of ad impressions on a buying platform. The move comes amid widespread calls from brands to address ad fraud at scale. P&G’s…

ANA bot report: ‘The war on digital ad fraud is winnable!’

…digital ad fraud is winnable!” That’s an actual quote from an unusually optimistic report from the Association of National Advertisers and bot detection service White Ops, “Bot Baseline 2016-2017: Fraud in Digital Advertising.” Globally, the free report says that global losses from digital ad fraud

New report: Ad fraud down due to advertisers’ demands for transparency

…management at Extreme Reach, who told MarTech Today exclusively: The entire digital advertising ecosystem has stepped up the battle against ad fraud in the last couple of years. Especially following Marc Pritchard’s famous call to action, there’s been much more pressure placed on media companies…

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