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Enterprise AI with the CIO and CMO: Better together benefits

AI acquisitions since 2006. All told, Google has invested $3.9 billion in AI deals, more than any other company. Microsoft, Apple, Intel and SalesForce behind Google round out the top five companies making acquisitions of AI. (Intel takes the crown for the highest number of unique investments in AI

AI in action

…notifications, and SMS. New York, USA – August 28, 2014: Crowded sidewalk on 5th Avenue with tourists and commuters on a sunny day. For example, the AI identifies a micro segment of millennial customers who have recently taken a Caribbean cruise from Miami, then drills down by credit score,…

How AI is disrupting major industries

…solutions built with AI in their core DNA. In a recent Wakefield/Demandbase study, 80 percent of marketing leaders say that AI will “revolutionize” marketing by 2020. Meanwhile, IDC research forecasts worldwide revenues for cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) systems will reach $12.5…

Three ways AI will revolutionize email marketing

(AI) one of the hottest topics in the media today, it’s also one of the biggest points of discussion among email marketers. From robots to hyper-personalization, the potential marketing implications for AI are exciting to discuss. But many marketers may be in the dark about how they can leverage AI

Helpshift unveils AI designed for customer service

AI on a limited basis, this is its first widespread use. A new feature called Predict enables the auto-routing of textually-communicated issues to the right agent, which might be guided by such additional info as whether the customer is high-value. This is the first time Helpshift has employed AI

Three AI marketing trends for brick-and-mortar retailers

…user accounts. The volume and cleanliness of the e-commerce data make this a perfect environment for leveraging AI. That’s why it’s no surprise that Amazon is one of the paramount AI powerhouses in the world. The volume of data generated by logged-in user accounts on their website — such as…

ContentSquare hops on the AI bandwagon

ContentSquare’s symbol for its Arti bot User experience (UX) analytics/optimization firm ContentSquare is the latest to add an AI layer to help make sense of things. The company — based in New York City and Paris — recently launched its new UX Performance Center, which provides real-time feedback on…

Beyond the AI hype: AI is here and now, and adoption is rising

…of AI. While that is great to see, little is said about the reality that AI is already here — it is all around us, and early adopters are already winning the race to integrate AI technologies into their marketing technology stacks. In this article, I will share some insights into how and where AI

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Why AI for PR may be different than AI for marketing

…been vetted,” she said. AI can’t fully vet things, because it can’t validate the brand’s argument from the point of view of a human observer. Without that validation, PR at its most essential — such as in a crisis — cannot separate itself from advertising. So, either AI has to target an ambitious…

MarTech Today: ContentSquare’s AI, Google Optimize & the hype/reality of AI

…in marketing technology, as reported on MarTech Today, Marketing Land and other places across the web. From MarTech Today: ContentSquare hops on the AI bandwagon Mar 30, 2017 by Barry Levine UX analytics firm’s new Performance Center adds a new layer of intelligence and a bot named Arti to surface…

The CMO’s guide to AI’s marketing impact for 2018

…breaking down AI into three components: Machine Learning Techniques, Applied Propensity Models and AI Applications. AI is not going to be the answer to every challenge. Focus on your goals and utility, not just the cool factor of the technology. Drawing your AI roadmap for 2018 & beyond AI as it…

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