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Big Data

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How Marketing Can Use Big Data To Win Back Users

…in the moment during every interaction. That may sound obvious…and daunting. But what it really comes down to is being smart about your customer data. Here are four sure-fire ways to make sure you are focused on the right areas: Embrace The Customer Life Cycle If you’re paying attention, you’ll see…

3 ways intent data is getting better for B2B marketers

Several years ago, “Big Data” became one of the hottest trends in marketing. Everyone had to harness it, use it and somehow profit from it. But quickly, B2B marketers realized that Big Data wasn’t an end in itself, but a means to accomplishing things. Flash forward to 2017: Harnessing the power of…

Forrester: Over-reliance on big data, siloed teams impede customer insights

big data is a common trend, according to the report findings. When asked if their customer experience strategy and execution was informed more by big data or by small data, nearly a third (29%) of the respondents said they rely “completely” on big data when making decisions. Looking only at big data

Big Data Gets Bigger With The Apple Watch And The Internet Of Things

…to collect data from everything. We are looking at the next big phase of digitally-generated data with tremendous capacity to produce new insights about consumers. Clearly, the emerging devices and an expanding IoT produce huge opportunities, along with a host of challenges in how data is collected,…

Forget big data: Why thinking small can help marketers see the future

…1. Forget about big data Big data is a major asset to any business — but marketers need actionable data to create and run measurable campaigns. When too many details are available, the important insights can get lost. Marketers should aim to break big data into “small data” sets, using categories…

Lotame’s prep for GDPR highlights big changes in data management

…their data for a specific list of purposes, like targeting website content or sending the data to a third-party provider like Lotame for advertising. In the current world, she told me, consent to use the data is usually done through a contract. That is, the ability for Lotame to handle user data

SRAX readies its BIG platform so users can make money from their data

…would have to give their consent first. Users get blockchain-generated BIG tokens for signing and filling out data, as well as for the sale of their data. The tokens can be redeemed for a share of a revenue pool from data sales, which is part of the total revenue; the rest of the income goes to…

“Heavy Martech” Usage Soars, Giving Tag Management A Big Boost

…Edition.” Another reason for the growth of tag management is its ability to support mobile applications, as well as correlate all these disparate data sources together as a stepping stone for unified marketing, i.e., the ability to drive consistent, real-time interactions across all touch points.…

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