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Here’s how & why CDPs differ from CRMs & DMPs

…greater than X,” where X is a continually changing value. Can a CRM be tuned into becoming a CDP? Perhaps, he said, but “it’s better to use a CRM and a DMP” as part of channels. He suggested looking at the CDP “as the central core database” of customers, where all data flows and where the master…

MarTech Landscape: What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

(CDP). In this article, part of our MarTech Landscape Series, we look at this newly named marketing component. Raab told me he had noticed various marketing systems were disconnected from each other, in that they offered incomplete data or did not organize it effectively for marketing purposes. CDP

Major marketing cloud vendors enter crowded CDP field

…a lot of doubt and confusion about CDP as a category, and what factors are needed for an effective CDP,” said David Raab, principal at Raab Associates and founder of the CDP Institute. “Salesforce was the last hold-out that didn’t store profiles in its CDP (as opposed to assembling them on-the-fly…

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CDPs: Why now?

…together, talking to one other. Josh Neckes, co-founder of CDP Simon Data, noted that Amazon, Google and Netflix are known for their brand-wide direct interaction with their customers — for which they’ve built their own internal CDP equivalents. Even brands that still work through retailers…

Can CCPA, GDPR compliance help marketers exceed consumer expectations?

…of their data to customize their customers’ experiences in a compliant manner. Closing the experience vs. expectation gap Customer Data Platforms (CDP) such as Lytics, SAP’s Customer Data Cloud and Segment have aggressively entered the martech space over the past two years, offering a variety of…

Inspiring a data-first culture through internal activism

…Dave concluded the session with some useful bits of advice for the audience: Do not think of your CDP as a marketing tool, think of it as a data tool. Be cautious of tools calling themselves CDP and how many vendors are now jumping on the bandwagon. Move beyond totals in your reporting and analysis.…

5 martech predictions for 2019 that marketers should be thinking about now

…customer data platforms (CDP) to manage data, but David Raab, founder of the vendor-neutral CDP Institute, told attendees at our MarTech conference in October that CDPs are not a “silver bullet” capable of solving all consumer data problems. Kabir Shahani, CEO and co-founder of CDP Amperity agrees,…

Adobe releases Experience Platform and CDP, iterates Sensei

…and Customer Data Platforms MarTech Landscape: What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? Salesforce declares plans for CDP to tie into Customer 360 platform CDP Optimove adds ability to test campaign strategies CDP sector grew 23%, saw first major acquisitions in second half of 2018 About The Author…

Lytics becomes first customer data platform to add campaign coordination

(CDP), which is gaining a foothold as the central repository of all customer data, is now evolving. Last March, email automation provider Campaign Monitor bought the CDP Tagga, beginning the Vancouver-based company’s transformation into a CDP-centered marketing platform. Earlier this week, CDP

New report: Customer Data Platforms doubled over last year

…in the last year to more than 50 companies, mostly in the US. The new study, “CDP Industry Update 2018” (registration required), shows a growing category that is beginning to add functions as it expands. A CDP, according to the Institute, is a “marketer-managed system that creates a persistent,…

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