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Customer Experience

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Consumers indicate experience, not price, as top conversion factor

experiences that will realize conversions and repeat-buyers. “Now more than ever, consumers expect brands to offer personalized and seamless experiences,” said Rives Martin, manager, customer intelligence & brand strategy, Merkle. “Marketers must focus on developing experiences that place customers

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Voice search in retail: Evolving the customer experience

…Better customer experiences require granular knowledge With retail competition at a fever pitch, marketers need to continually evolve their approach to the customer experience. Doing so requires constantly improving engagement mechanisms, as well as better sources of knowledge about customers to…

A new era of personalization: The hyperconnected customer experience

…and customer data platforms are central to that stack. Source: Jason Heller, McKinsey, MarTech conference Bridge the gap and connect the dots on customer experience There are many ways organizations can bridge the gap between their perceptions of what customers want and the reality of what customers

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3 ways to thrive in the year of customer experience

…the year of customer experience, success doesn’t mean just thinking about the experiences of today, but also the experiences of tomorrow. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality — these rising technologies give marketers new opportunities to engage with customers and improve…

Customer experience without engagement: A dead-end street

…the customer experience, which is the destination. But we also own customer engagement, which is the journey. And it is impossible to reach a destination without some kind of journey. Done correctly, engagement is the glue that holds customers and fosters long-term relationships. Experience without…

Delivering great customer experiences doesn’t happen overnight

…great digital customer experiences means that all the tactics a brand uses to target, reach, engage and eventually convert people into actual customers must add up to something much bigger than marketing alone. It’s not just marketing’s role to create a great experience for customers; everyone in a…

Adobe launches a super-cloud to manage customer experience

…has decided that the real game is not just marketing or sales but customer experience, something that also extends across product development, customer service and other departments. At the top, it’s announcing a new Experience Cloud. It’s actually what you might call an uber-cloud, since it is…

Brand X: Why customer experience is a cloud marketing must-have

…deliver a great customer experience? I’d like to leave you with three ideas to consider. First, because customers don’t draw a bright line between their pre- and post-signup experiences, neither should we. In other words, marketing itself is part of the customer experience we sell. In fact,…

Scott Brinker: Marketing is now customer experience’s champion

…as are the many ways customers are experiencing your brand. It’s also driven by the fact that, for digital products in particular, the product is “created” at the same time and in the same space as the customer and the experience. Brinker pointed to Netflix, where you experience its search interface…

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Sprinklr adds AI to its customer experience platform

Over the last year, Sprinklr has repositioned itself as a customer experience cloud, centered around its former role as a social media listening and management platform. In another move to boost its capabilities, the company is today adding the first installment of an artificial intelligence layer…

Drive unified digital customer experiences with better technology strategies

Digital customer experience has become a key business differentiator, and application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders of front-office, web, mobile and digital development must step up to support their firm’s initiatives. This executive overview from Forrester describes this opportunity for…

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