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Methbot: The beginning of the end for digital ad fraud

…single most profitable ad fraud operation to strike digital advertising to date.” Sophisticated measures used by the fraudsters to avoid detection include manipulation of geolocation data, countermeasures against code used by specific ad tech providers to filter out fraud, and exceptional bot…

IBM brings AI-enabled chatbots to display ads with Watson Ads Builder

…expectations and the need for digital marketers to adjust to meet them. More on the news Later this month, IBM Watson Advertising plans to address ad fraud and brand safety as part of a panel at the upcoming 2019 Cannes Lions Festival. IBM Watson advertising will host an interactive session to help…

Mobile app ad fraud scheme stuffed banner ads with multiple video players

…the previous quarter, according to a Pixalate report. In October, the Coalition Against Ad Fraud released its “Definitions of Mobile Fraud Schemes” — a standardized document to define mobile ad fraud and counter any misinformation connect to fraudulent schemes or practices. Earlier this month,…

Tappx offers free hosting for app developers’ app-ads.txt files

…mobile apps to adopt app-ads.txt is the lack of a website to host the files. Developed by the IAB Tech Lab to support the mobile fight against ad fraud and provide more transparency to the buying process, app-ads.txt files list authorized sellers of an app’s ad inventory. It’s a spin on the ads.txt…

Putting a stop to click fraud

fraud drives misbegotten revenue into advertising networks and publishers, as well as to the perpetrator behind the click. At the same time, click fraud creates a myriad of problems for the businesses that expect relevant human audience members to be the only ones clicking. The global click fraud

Mobile devices offer special vulnerabilities to fraud

Fraud hits online publishers and advertisers on every platform, but mobile devices offer some special opportunities. And, as the types of mobile devices increase, the types of special vulnerabilities are likely to increase. To get a sense of a few mobile-specific fraud weaknesses, we checked in…

Tappx teams with Pixalate for industry-first OTT fraud solution

…OTT/CTV landscape into a hotbed for ad fraud,” said Fernando Saiz, CMO at Tappx. “As of Q3 2018, Pixalate measures OTT traffic across over 55 million OTT device IDs monthly. Pixalate data is showing global OTT fraud rates averaging 19 percent, with U.S. OTT fraud rates close (18 percent). This leads…

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