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Do you need an identity resolution platform?

…Today’s all new “Enterprise Identity Resolution Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for identity resolution tools and what you should expect when implementing this software into your business. This 42-page report includes profiles of 12 leading identity resolution vendors, pricing…

How blockchain-based identity could change digital marketing

…But the site publisher has no info on your identity, other than what you provide. You’re an authenticated customer who is buying things, but you’re just an account number. And you can create multiple account numbers — that is, multiple “identities” — within the same MetaMask plug-in. Here’s a…

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LiveRamp makes its IdentityLink available for RTB

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink visualization Identity resolution provider LiveRamp is now making its IdentityLink available for real-time bidding (RTB) on any demand-side platforms (DSPs). IdentityLink provides an anonymous identifier that pinpoints a specific individual across multiple devices and…

Identity Resolution: Secrets to Success

…Infutor Data Solutions and Signal for a fireside discussion on how top brands are resolving identity and personalizing engagements during the key moments in the customer journey. Register today for “Identity Resolution: Secrets to Success,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by…

ID graphs: The path to identity resolution

identity graph solution. Identity graph: 101 First off, let’s be clear about what an identity graph is. An identity graph, or ID graph, is one database that holds customer profiles and all the known identifiers that correlate with individual consumers. Customer profiles are a collection of identity

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What is identity resolution?

…360-degree view of a customer’s identity and user journey, and enables an insight-informed, data-driven “single-customer view”  — also known as people-based, or user-level, marketing. Marketers use a number of tools and platforms to reconcile users’ identities, including simple customer relationship…

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Akamai buys identity provider Janrain

…information, managing privacy controls, defending against identity fraud, and improving engagement and brand loyalty.” For marketers, the integration of Janrain’s Identity Cloud with Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform means this identity service now has built-in security, anti-bot services and an…

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Janrain launches its new Identity Central solution

…its cloud platform, over the OIDC (OpenID Connect 1.0) protocol. Identity management platform Janrain is out Wednesday with its new Identity Central platform, which it says is the first such end-to-end cloud-based solution. Identity Central is all-hosted. Before, CEO Jim Kaskade noted, his company…

Adbrain ups the ante on cross-device identity

…devices. This week, Adbrain is upping the ante on its identity resolution solution, called Identity AI. Now, CEO Gareth Davies told me, his company is “the first identity provider to use machine learning to traverse different dimensions of identity.” “No one [else] has been able to understand how…

Janrain launches Identity Groups for consumers

…work out the necessary support with the carmaker. Although Janrain has not yet announced clients who are using Identity Groups, it otherwise manages about 1.5 billion digital identities for 3,400 brands that include Pzifer, Samsung, Whole Foods, McDonalds and Dr Pepper. In September, Janrain…

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