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How location data accuracy leads to stronger personalization

…“dirty data” to provide meaningful intelligence. For marketers seeking more precise location data, I recommend seeking vendors that utilize the following: A. Data volume It comes down to the simple idea that more is better — in this instance, the “more” is data. Some companies utilize data provided…

Two French location data companies receive GDPR consent warnings

…help them collect persistent location data from partner apps. App publishers are paid for their location data (and other data) by companies such as Fidzup and Teemo. This is a common model in the US market and outside the US, as in this case. Anonymous location data captured without specific consent…

Report: Only 1% of exchange location data useful for offline attribution

locations from bid requests are useful for in-store measurement (based on a location accuracy < 50 meters)."Bid-stream location data comes from multiple sources including GPS, cell towers, WiFi and IP addresses, but it rarely comes from the device itself.The report goes on to critique location data

Location data beyond the marketing department: A look at 3 use cases

…select and pool their real estate holdings, but mobile location data (read: foot traffic) is not yet a core component of their algorithms. Consider, for example, a REIT that owns a large portfolio of triple-net-lease pharmacy and retail locations across the US — traditionally very safe investments…

Report argues location data is key to better mobile programmatic outcomes

…differences at scale. Why you should care. There’s a separate discussion about the accuracy of some of the location data used in programmatic. However in theory the report is accurate: location data offers behavioral insights and preferences in real-time that can be optimized against real-world…

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