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Martech Teams

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Martech enablement series: Part 5 — The team strategy

…keep it manageable and achievable. When working with martech teams, I encourage them to identify two or three goals for a sprint. In doing this, the team is able to focus and truly understand the impact of each goal on progress toward the team objectives. A few examples of sprint goals might be:…

The secrets to developing a high-performing martech team

…to have a senior level expert on the team who can support the team in the most complex situations and provide the technical guidance.” The martech team as an enabler Overall, Spiller sees the martech unit as an enabler for the larger marketing team, helping the department scale by introducing…

How to choose martech tools that your team will love

…powerful it may seem, it will end up as shelfware or become a serious suck to your team’s resources and morale. Your martech should explicitly support your people, not the other way around. Final thoughts Almost every martech purchase begins enthusiastically, but few go on to become part of language…

Successful marketing teams attend MarTech

…integrated.” Sound familiar? If you’re struggling to get diverse teams on the same page or feeling out of sync with your colleagues, attend MarTech® September 16-18 in Boston. Traveling, learning, and networking together bonds teams with common vocabulary, increased morale, and a singular vision of…

Martech enablement series: Part 4 — Building the team

…they correspond to a winning race team. As we proceed, we’re going to look at the key steps in the process that lead teams to achieve enablement: Create a martech vision for their enablement initiative and team. Get executive management buy-in. Identify team roles and responsibilities. Who, where,…

Martech enablement series: Part 3 — Assembling your team members

…race team: strategic development. Now, let’s explore how your marketing organization parallels the core race team players above. Core martech team As with the race team, getting the core team established at the outset is critical to success. The parallels between your martech team and the race team

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