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Forrester: Here are some ways marketers can adapt to messaging apps

…branded conversations in messaging apps Like shopkeepers in previous centuries who talked to customers one at a time, digital marketers need to master the art of the individual conversation. Except that now it’s at the scale of millions of individual conversations. “Messaging apps are morphing into…

What’s really holding back your messaging program?

…But is that really the answer? From what I have seen, a lack of technology is not what’s keeping companies from building successful, targeted messaging programs. Today’s marketers have access to a wide range of industry-leading solutions that will allow them to meet their specific needs. Like most…

Google and others expand initiative launching new RCS messaging platform

…Android Messages as the default messaging app, including LG, Motorola, Sony, HTC and Kyocera. The Google post announcing the initiative summarizes the opportunities for brands: RCS will upgrade today’s business messaging experience by enabling brands to send more useful and interactive messages. For…

RCS messaging takes a few more steps toward rocking mobile

…Fujita-Yuhas, director of product management and new product strategy at mobile messaging provider OpenMarket, noted that, as an improved version of MMS, RCS has a lot of potential for growth. For instance, RCS messages can have as many as 1,000 characters, but the road map calls for it to be…

Snaps launches a Marketing Cloud for chatbots, messaging and emojis

messaging app users could attach branded emojis to their communications. It also created custom iMessage apps — where stickers or videos are employed for gift cards and other shareables — and what it says was the first chatbot for messaging app Kik. Snaps points to its history of creating messaging

5 hurdles RCS messaging has to overcome for universal adoption

…for RCS messaging As it stands, there’s no clarity on who will pay for sending and receiving RCS messages. There’s certainly no consumer appetite to start paying for a new messaging service, regardless of how good it is. Any hint of a charge and people will immediately revert to existing messaging

Zendesk buys Smooch to support customer messaging across multiple platforms

…all forms of messaging and create a continuous conversation between customers and businesses,” said Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane in the acquisition announcement. In addition to WhatsApp, Smooch’s technology will allow Zendesk to further its messaging capabilities via a variety of messaging platforms,…

Assessing the maturity of your organization’s messaging program

…You must step back and assess your organization’s maturity in the art of messaging. Herein, I have laid out a set of key dimensions to consider in gauging the state of your messaging strategy. The core components of a messaging program include: data capture, measurement, automation and connectivity.…

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