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People-Based Marketing

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People-based marketing requires good people

People-based marketing is grounded in the ability to really know the person to whom you are marketing. It’s not a new concept. From its earliest days with the postal service through its evolution into telemarketing, email, SMS and push, it has evolved. Now, marketers have the ability to directly…

Will People-Based Marketing take over?

…we want. Marketing shouldn’t have to be based on how well it targets fully rendered identities of people, Frank suggests, because people should be able to attract the pitches they want. In other words, “People-Based Marketing” really wants to become “People-Controlled Marketing.” Opinions expressed…

Martech + ad tech, part 2: Connected data and people-based marketing

…— allow marketers to most efficiently take this action. By leveraging customer insights with media and ad buys, marketers get the most value from their connected data and unlock the financial and brand affinity benefits associated with people-based marketing. People-based marketing Martech and…

People-based measurement is the new black

…data-driven marketers: people-based measurement. People-based measurement refers to the practice of measuring the incremental impact of marketing efforts in terms of customer value. In contrast to questions like “what was the view-through ROAS of my holiday display campaign?,” a people-based

LiveRamp adds people-based search targeting to IdentityLink

…properties, such as YouTube. Smith said this allows marketers to target their customers or former customers at scale in search-based marketing, up to six times more customers than otherwise. LiveRamp says its early testing of this people-based search has lifted click-through rates on ads by 2-3…

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