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Strategic Marketing Operations

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DNA of a strategic marketing operations leader: 3 seismic shifts, Part 2

Marketing operations (MO) as a dedicated, funded and strategic capability has exploded across B2B marketing organizations. Driven by traditional marketing’s poor response to changes in technology, customer behavior and use of data for decision-making, the marketing operations function is not only…

How the C-suite benefits from a strategic marketing operations function

…now has a second chance. The strategic marketing operations function can provide the required left-brained competencies, along with the mindset and skill set for technology, marketing and business acumen. Some people call these left-brained marketers (LBMs) marketing technologists; some people call…

Rent, buy or train? How to accelerate strategic marketing operations

…an operational discipline that allows the CMO to run marketing like a business, rather than simply deploying the technology. Much more than button-pushers and techies, a strategic MO function is instrumental in transforming marketing into a revenue growth engine. A strategic marketing operations

Rise of the strategic marketing operations leader: Part 1

marketing. Marketing operations (MO) leaders are evolving from “button-pushers” to vision creators and doers of how to operationalize ROI and customer-centric strategies. In Scott Brinker’s “The Grand View of Martech,” he suggests a more strategic view of the role of MO in which “marketing,

Marketing’s New Customer Nerve Center: Marketing Operations

Previously, marketing operations was the “island of misfit toys,” as described by Sirius Decisions’ Craig Moore at the Marketing Operations Executive Summit last year. But with roots in strategic planning and budgeting, this department is increasingly focused on customer acquisition — and it’s…

How to build a marketing operations organization out of chaos

…business, in the market, in technology and the customer. When responding to any of these tipping points, a dedicated marketing operations function is essential. When responding to all three, which many CMOs are in the process of, a dedicated and strategic marketing operations function is business…

Marketing operations 2.0: Defining the new organizational structure

…In 2012, this description of a “Marketing Operations Center” was fairly sophisticated and ahead of its time. Fast-forward six years — while these four functions still apply, given the strategic nature of MO, they need an update. The strategic MO structure The strategic MO function is characterized…

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