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User Generated Content

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Stackla adds a Co-Pilot to recommend which user content should be published

user engagement — such as clicks, shares or steps toward a sale — was tracked. Plus, the platform tracked which audience segments responded best to that kind of content. But now, he said, Co-Pilot adds the ability to watch the curating by the brand’s human’s reviewers, so it can learn what content

Vivoom turns user-generated content into user-created ads

…of users who create and share content about your brand. A user passing around imagery showing a product being used, particularly if it comes with that user’s implied endorsement of said product, has more value than truckloads of ad impressions. Often, brands sift user-created content to curate…

Navigating brand safety in the world of user-generated content

…shown to but also what content their ads may be running next to. (See the World Federation of Advertisers’ Global Media Charter announced today.) In the eyes of the average consumer, placing an ad next to a piece of content means your brand is a sponsor of that content. Did your pre-roll ad run…

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Hootsuite adds user reviews by integrating ReviewTrackers

…noted that Sprinklr is Hootsuite’s only major competitor that includes user reviews. But, he added, ReviewTracker differs because of the availability of a Review Generation Suite to help brands request reviews from users, and he said it has a more extensive mobile capability. Opinions expressed…

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Phy’s new platform generates dynamic landing content from standard QR codes

…the user to a “buy” screen or generating some action in an Internet of Things device, like lighting up a Net-connected sign. The previews are modular objects, each specified in the Phy platform according to a rules-based engine, and each generated on the page in the order and with the content and…

What is demand generation marketing?

…premium content. Act-On’s lead scoring lets you prioritize those leads based on the prospect’s engagement. And you can then nurture those leads along their journey, based on their engagement. Through Act-On’s integrations with your favorite CRMs, you’ll get actionable intelligence about a user’s

Navigating the programmatic turn in content distribution

…a two-way street. Because branded content appears next to regular editorial content, the integrity of the editorial feed becomes jeopardized by the quality of the content that’s placed in it. Users have nowhere else to go if the branded content is ruining their user experience — either they install…

Marketing Analytics Firm Moz Adds A New Content Tool

From the Moz Content page Creating content that engages users is no easy trick. To help marketers with that magic, inbound marketing analytics software provider Moz is today announcing its Moz Content feature. It allows marketers to find out what kind of content generates the most user responses.…

A new AI-powered Chrome extension judges content on its ‘trustworthiness’

…actually a “trustworthiness” detector. It doesn’t check facts or validate the source, but instead uses generated rules to evaluate the internal validity of a story. It is appropriate only for content of about 300 words or more, which excludes most tweets or Facebook posts. The tool looks at such…

Adobe keeps Sensei busy with new content assignments

…optimal approaches to show page content, based on the metric chosen by the user, such as conversion or engagement, and drawing on Target’s analytics for what works best for a given segment. Adobe gives the example of a restaurant that might automatically generate different menus and offers to…

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